What WE GIVE & Why: Fashion That Saves Lives

“We’re fortunate enough not to have to fight for our lives,
so we’re helping others fight for theirs.” -Hilary Rowland

What Do We Do?

We design and sell exclusive fashion items: apparel, bags and jewellery. Funds raised help improve the lives of single mothers and their children living in poverty.

Our philanthropic travel division organizes all-inclusive trips.  We called these trips ‘Migration Vacations’ to inspire people to use their ‘vacation time’ from work to do something positive and meaningful in the world.

What Do We Give?

When you purchase a product from us, we put the funds to good use.  Our goal is to supply the basic survival needs and protect the fundamental rights of single mothers.

  • We build wells so that mothers are no longer forced to keep their children out of school or leave them unattended to risk violence.  
  • We provide basic medical aid and supplies so that young single mothers and their children can survive.  
  • We allow single mothers the opportunity to start their own business, which changes the dynamic in their villages, and allows more children to be educated.
  • Why Single Mothers?

    Imagine being a single mother with a young daughter.  You had a husband, but when you were raped by your neighbor and became pregnant with your second child, he left you and your babies to fend for yourself.  You can’t go back to your parents because the culture dictates that you’re on your own now.  You don’t have access to clean water or medical help, and you are scared that you may die during your upcoming unattended childbirth and leave your daughter an orphan.  You can’t get an education or a job because you’re sick much of the time due to the brown water you drink.  You spend five exhausting hours a day lugging an empty gasoline container to and from a river with the hot sun beating down on you.  You are afraid of being raped along this journey, as many of your friends have been.  During this time you are also afraid for your daughter, which you had to leave all alone, where she could be raped, stolen or sold.  While you’re at the river collecting brown water, you can see that many people bathe, urinate and clean their clothing in this river, and it’s full of wildlife.  It’s the only source of water in the area, and so you are constantly in fear of your daily choice: let my daughter drink and quite possibly die from diarrhea, or let her die of dehydration.

    Now add access to clean water and medical help.  Now that you are no longer exhausted and living in fear, you can take classes and learn a skill.  Now that you have more time and aren’t sick, you can get a job, and keep it.  You can make money and pay to send your daughter to school.  You can have hope, and you can give your children hope.

    Why Water?

    Every $1 spent on efforts to provide clean water generates $8 as a result of saved time, increased productivity and reduced health care costs.

    Every 15 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease.  Unsafe water causes 80% of all sickness and disease, and kills more innocent people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

    Water = the ability to look after your children and keep them healthy, safe and in school.
    Water = the option to go back to school or learn a trade, because 5 hours of daylight isn’t wasted collecting water.
    Water = the ability to keep a job or start a business, because you’re no longer sick for many days of each week.
    Water = confidence and the ability to bathe and feel healthy.
    Water = the solution.

    Project Migration will be funding the building of new wells to provide clean water in villages and near medical clinics, which will benefit single mothers in need.

    Learn why clean water is so important:

    Charitable Fashion

    Why Medical Supplies?

    Often, without treatment, very simple medical issues can become life threatening without the availability of basic supplies.  Project Migration is committed to helping reduce the number of child deaths through addressing the two leading causes of death of young children living in poverty: pneumonia and diarrhea – both of which are easily preventable and treatable.

    “Revitalizing efforts against pneumonia and diarrhea could save millions of children” -United Nations

    Pneumonia accounts for up to 3 million, or as many as one-third of under-five deaths worldwide.  Pneumonia kills more children under the age of five than any other disease, claiming a young life every 20 seconds.

    Diarrhea, which is easily preventable and treatable, claims the lives of 4,100 children EVERY DAY.  1.5 million children’s lives are unfairly cut short as a result of diarrhea each year.

    Migration Vacations:

    The humanitarian purpose of the trips is for us to personally hand-deliver these medical supplies (supported by the sale of Project Migration products), and educate women and young mothers on their use, while traveling to the medical clinics we support.

    We will be bringing volunteer doctors who will help single mothers who are pregnant, giving birth or sick.  Pregnancy is the leading cause of death for women and girls in the developing world.  Every minute of every single day, a young woman somewhere in the world dies giving birth, many of them leaving behind orphaned children.

    Community Involvement

    Migration Vacations will be a special opportunity for supporters of the cause and the brand to travel with us to Africa to meet the mothers and donate medical supplies.   The trips will make certain that the supplies are going directly into the hands of the single mothers who need them and will aid in creating a global community outreach.

    What Don’t We Do?

    Project Migration does not hurt local businesses by donating products that can be made locally.  Often organizations can unintentionally damage the local economy when they seek to provide aid.  Project Migration does thorough due diligence on all donated products to ensure they are not in direct competition with local commerce.

    Project Migration does not fuel corruption. Organizations that donate large amounts of money or supplies to a region are often unintentionally funding corrupt governments, rather than feeding the poor.  By personally donating products directly to the people in need (on ‘Migration Vacations’), Project Migration ensures that all aid reaches the single mothers it is intended for.

    ‘We make a living by what we get,
    we make a life by what we give.’
    – Sir Winston Churchill